MA Type 7
  • without shaft seal
  • streamlined spiral housing made of PP
  • volume flow of up to 950 l/min
  • delivery head of up to 42 m.WC
  • back pull-out

   Technical characteristics

Size 29/950 36/750 42/500
Material PP (glass-fibre reinforced)
Max. delivery head in [m.WG] 50 Hz 29 36 42
Max. volume flow in [l/min] 50Hz 950 750 500
Max. density in [g/cm3] 50Hz ** 1 1.2 1 21 1 1
Motor capacity in [kW] 4 5.5 5.5 5.5 5.5 5.5
Current rating (400V, 50Hz) in [A] 7.3 9.9 9.9 9.9 9.9 9.9
Rated speed in [rpm] at 50Hz /60Hz 3000
Suction port DN 65
Discharge port DN 50
Voltage in [V] Drehstrom 400/690
Protection class IP 55
Max. flow velocity in [m/s] saugseitig 1 / druckseitig 3
Approx. weight for PP/ETFE in [kg]
Max. temperature for PP/ETFE in [°C] 70
Max. system pressure for PP/ETFE at 20°C in [bar] 6 6 6 6 6

* Material used for housing, impeller unit and rear casing: (sheath of inner magnet made of PP without fibre reinforcement) ** approx. value at max. volume flow (higher density possible when flow rate is reduced)

   Performance charts

    Dimension sheet


Motor accessories

  • ON/OFF switch with 2.5m cable and plug (230V AC only)
  • 5m three-phase connection cable with CEE plug of 5×16 A, fully assembled
  • Frequency converter of IP class 65, mounted directly to the motor or for wall mounting

Slip-on flanges

to screw onto threaded ports including O-rings *

Losflansche MAGSON 5

Thread adapters

to screw onto threaded ports including O-rings connecting with insert fitting and spigot nut *

Hose connections

Three-piece hose connections with spigot nut and hose nipple.

Also available are port seals, shut-off and check valves etc. suitable to any MAGSON pump. Our product specialists will be glad to help you!